World Bicycle Day: Shyam Prakash's 43-year journey advocating cycling

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | June 03, 2024 IST

Tuhina Sahoo

Puri, June 3: Shyam Prakash, a notable figure in the local community, has chosen to ride a bicycle instead of a motorcycle for the past four decades. Renowned for his involvement in organizing grand events and meeting influential personalities, Shyam Prakash's steadfast commitment to cycling has become emblematic of his lifestyle and values.


In an exclusive conversation with Prameya English, Shyam Prakash shared his motivation behind embracing cycling over motorized vehicle. "Today, I ride a bicycle. Cycling has been my companion for 43 years," he expressed with pride. Through cycling, he not only maintains physical fitness, but also shields himself from prevalent lifestyle ailments like diabetes, hypertension, and gastric issues.


Shyam Prakash's transition from motorcycles to bicycles is not merely personal but also symbolic of a larger societal shift. With a reputation for organizing national-level events and upholding integrity, his embrace of cycling signals a significant personal and cultural change.


Beyond the health benefits, Shyam Prakash's passion for cycling extends to various interests, including stamp & coin collection, and photography, earning him recognition in the India Book of Records. His journey underscores the diverse experiences and connections fostered through cycling.


World Bicycle Day, established by the United Nations in 2018, highlights the global significance of cycling in promoting health, sustainability, and social inclusion. It serves as a timely reminder of cycling's multifaceted benefits, including its role in reducing carbon emissions and fostering vibrant, disease-free communities.


Cycling offers manifold health benefits, ranging from cardiovascular fitness to mental well-being. Studies have shown that regular cycling reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. Moreover, its low-impact nature makes it accessible to individuals of all ages and fitness levels, seamlessly integrating into daily routines.


Shyam Prakash's dedication to cycling serves as an inspiration for individuals and communities alike. As World Bicycle Day encourages the embrace of cycling as a mode of recreation, let us follow his example and pedal towards a healthier, more sustainable future.


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