Huge Crowd to witness Jhamu Jatra of Maa Mangala in Kakatpur

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | April 23, 2024 IST

Puri, Ap 23: Large numbers of devotees thronged Maa Mangala temple in Kakatpur to witness Jhamu Yatra and Maa’s Rajrajeswari Besha today. The festival is celebrated on the fifth Tuesday of the Chaitra month.

People come from far and wide to take part in this tradition. They go to the nearby Prachi River and collect water. Then, they walk without shoes over hot coals with pots of water on their shoulders. It's astonishing that none of them get hurt by the fire. 

They believe that the goddess protects them from harm. Their main aim is to please the goddess and lessen their troubles. They think that by doing these rituals, they can reduce their mistakes and find peace and happiness.

People who walk on the fire are called 'Patuas'. To ensure safety and order during the event, the local police deployed four platoons, consisting of 16 officers and 50 home guards. Inside the temple premises, arrangements were made for devotees to perform various rituals.

The Jhamu Yatra draws a large crowd every year. With the participation of this, additional security personnel, including additional officers and a DSP, both from Kakatpur Tehsil and the surrounding areas, the authorities ensured the smooth conduct of the event. 

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