Bizzare! Dog chews up Rs 3 lakh of couple's cash: See pictures

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | January 08, 2024 IST

A pet dog named Cecil, a Golden doodle from Pennsylvania, turned into an unexpected financial foe when he devoured Rs. 3.32 lakh ($4,000) left on the kitchen counter by his owners, Clayton and Carrie Law. 

The couple faced the daunting task of salvaging the shredded cash from Cecil's unexpected feast, documenting serial numbers and taping together torn notes. 

Despite their efforts, they couldn't recover $450. The bizarre incident went viral after being shared on social media, amassing over 11 million views and numerous reactions. 

The accompanying video can be found on Carrie Law's Instagram handle.

Since the post was shared on social media, it has gotten over 11 million views, along with many likes and comments.  

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