Assam CM's claim a Daydream: BJD

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | January 15, 2024 IST

Bhubaneswar, Jan 15:  Assam Chief Minister Himant  Biswa Sharma's statement has created flutters in the state politics. 

A day after Himanta Biswa Sarma’s assertion on BJP forming the next government in Odisha, the ruling BJD said the saffron party was daydreaming.

The senior BJD leader and former finance minister Shashi Bhushan Behera said “There is no harm in claiming tall but there should be reality in it.  Had  Assam CM Himant Sharma come to the oath-taking ceremony of  Naveen Patnaik next time, his importance would have been manifold”, he said, 

 Senior BJD leader Behera also added “There is a strong wave continuing in favour of Biju Janata Dal in the state. In this situation, Assam CM Sharma made a claim only to encourage the party workers. It has no worth at all.”  

 Similarly, senior BJD MLA Nrusingh Charan Sahu also reacted heavily to Assam CM Himant  Sharma's statement. He said "There is no problem in pretending,but there should be reality.  No one is against daydreaming. If you want to attend the oath-taking ceremony of the Odisha government, you are welcome to Naveen's swearing-in ceremony. I am inviting you from today”

  It is worth mentioning that during the visit to Odisha on Saturday, Assam CM Sharma said that, BJP would form the government in Odisha in 2024 and " I would have to come to Odisha once again to attend the oath-taking ceremony” 



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