World’s first victim of climate change!

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | November 10, 2021 IST

New Delhi, Nov 10: A Canadian woman for the first time in the world, has been reported to be a direct victim of Climate change. She has been diagnosed as a Climate change patient as her nearest environment has aggravated her co-morbidity though she was away from the artificial environments like Air Condition and other systems causing environmental threats with hot gas emissions. Climate change led by massive deforestation and environmental pollution directly affects the plants and animal’s ecosystem. But for the first time, an elderly woman has been a direct victim of the climate, diagnosed Dr Kyle Merritt, a consultant physician of Kootenay Lake Hospital at Kootenay in the Bristish Columbia province in Canada. According to Canadian daily  the ‘Times Colonist’, the patient — in her 70's from the British Columbia province — is facing an underlying condition of asthma. Doctors examining the patient asserted that due to heatwaves and bad air quality her health condition had deteriorated. Dr Kyle Merritt, stated in his medical history that for the first time in over 10 years, he has used the term 'climate change' while writing the patient's diagnosis. "She has diabetes. She has some heart related ailments. However, all of her health problems have worsened due to dryness in her body for the climatic disorder. It’s why she's struggling to stay moisture and hydrated," Merritt added. Earlier this year in June, Canada witnessed one of the worst heat waves ever following which there was smog caused due to wildfires that filled the sky. Among the many provinces, British Columbia suffered terrible heat waves that ended up causing 500 deaths, per reports. Worth mentioning, Canada and the USA encountered a number of abnormal loos in the current year.  As many as 233 people died in the British Columbia due to abnormal loo, which is anticipated to be the adverse effect of Kootenay wildfire. At the same time the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has recorded that the global warming has peaked the highest degree in 2000 in comparison with the temperatures of last 50 years that becomes serious health problems for men and animals.

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