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When will be the suspense over Ratnabhandar of Lord Jagannath unveiled ?

15/01/2021 at 1:55 PM

Bhubaneswar,Jan15: Ratna bhandar,the treasury house of Jagannath temple in Puri, remains still unexplored fully.

The ancient treasury house is said to have stored emeralds and diamond studded invaluable  jewels. According to the Madala almanac, physically there are some anciently  locked cellars below the Ratnamandap (altar) of Lord Jagannnath.

Jagannath devotees and inquisitive researchers are thirsty to know what that Ratnabhandar actually contains. What is its historical background?

Jagannath cult is related to Nepal and many famous past monarchies. Many a monarchs have offered invaluables to Lord Jagannath,says history and the temple documents.

There are legends that in the year 1466 Kapilendradev of the reigning dynasty of Utkal had offered several jewels to the Lord when he conquered Southern provinces. He dedicated 16 elephant load of 138 kinds of emeralds.Other devotee Monarchs are also believed to have gifted many valuables to the deities at different times.

The inner Ratnabhandar was last opened in 1984 when it was necessary for repair of some ornaments. The inventory of the ornaments stored in the Ratnabhandar was made in 1978 and the list was printed in Satyavadi Press, Cuttack.

Recently, a 17-member team had gone to visit Ratnabhadar on March 28, 2018. However, the team inspected the outer part of the Ratnabhandar, but did not unlock the inner treasury house. They had returned as the keys of the inner Ratana bhandar was missing.

This triggered a public debate which led to the constitution Justice Raghuir Das Commission. In the meanwhile, the lost key was traced from the strong room of the district treasury.

The Raghubir Das Commission submitted its 324 page report to the State government. But the contents of the report have not been made public yet. The suspense over Ratna bhandar still persists.

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