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What Kills Us More, The Dilemma Behind Corona Or The Persistent Confusion

9/06/2021 at 1:47 PM

By DN Singh 

We are in the midst of a time when bankruptcy of knowhow might hit us more than ever before. Confusion and Corona have become, over the time, two relatives as their new cousin called ‘fungus’, makes an abrupt landing in the zone of ignorance further aggravating the illusions those dominate common men’s mind.

Every day, in each channel, some from the world of medicine make appearances to deliberate on the new nomenclature of diseases.

Changing Nomenclatures!

As it appears, the final medicine is still miles before being prescribed as so many vaccines are on the table to be tossed for their efficacy. From Covaxine to Covisheild, and then Sputnik,  to the one invented by the DRDO.

We cannot as well lose sight of the claims made by baba Ramdev  on Coronil, neither can be people made to ignore what he preaches on Ayurveda which has now escalated to a wordy battle between the Baba and the allopathic fraternity.

 More Mysteries To Unfold

True, one by one, perhaps, each of them would be rejected and so do the protocols side by side may change. And they have, in fact.

After the advent of the multi-coloured Fungus, which according the doctors, is and was always there, have cropped up as an issue, if they are dealing with wisdom in hindsight.

Then, why did not they talk about such apprehensions those follow a disease like Covid? 

What is really worrying is not the pressure of economy that the country faces but, it is baffling that the medical fraternity got stuck to one disease while they had never warned about the others which has taken a heavy toll already.

Vaccination is a must and it should be. But no doctor is in a position, still, to tell us why people even after being inoculated two doses could not survive through the post covid complications?

Are Vaccines To Cure Finally 

Do such victims ignore the post covid precautions. Certainly not. But such warnings had never been foreseen by the medical fraternity, let alone, warnings.

It is not about the people from the lower strata but such deaths took place in the case of people from the upper layer also.

It has been little more than two years we have been  wading through this obfuscation. And the bigger problem is the confirmed cases of post-Covid fear psychosis and it requires no more corrobration that, people have succumbed to a mental state of mind than the infections. Or, is it something else? Which hides behind our poverty of  knowhow.   

Miles To Go?

Almost after two years vaccine was developed and still it is experimental and we have no way but create an atmosphere where an individual is bound to be administered with the vaccine. That too without any unquestioned efficacy.

Even some have questioned the rationale behind vaccination at a time when the infections are at a peak.

Adding to the confusion some eminent people in the field of medicine like Luc Montagneir, Nobel Prize winner has cast a shadow of doubt on survival of the people having taken two doses of vaccines. As it may enhance creation  of anti-bodies more than required.

About the Author:

DN Singh is a Bhubaneswar-based senior journalist.


This is the personal opinion of the author. The views expressed in this write up have nothing to do with the www.prameyanews.com

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