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What is Narco Analysis test that Chhattisgarh police is likely to conduct on Anup Sai

14/02/2020 at 4:14 PM

Raigarh, Feb 14: The Chhattisgarh police today said they are likely to conduct a ‘Narco-Analysis’ test on former legislator Anup Sai in the double -murder case in 2016, for which he was arrested on Thursday.

Here is as to why the Narco Analysis test is done:

The Narco Analysis test is a kind of a psychological test in which a drug named sodium pentothal or sodium amytal is being injected dependent on the person’s sex, age, health and physical condition and the stage of the patient is monitored over the period of the test which is a kind of a dissociative test.

In this test, the inhibition of patient fades, because, in a stage of consciousness, he can suppress what he does not wish to release, but in the dissociative state, the patient effortlessly expresses the truth or suppressed information of his sub-conscious mind.

If the patient wants to keep truth in the stage of inhibition while being conscious is then that the Narco Analysis test is done.

The narcosis state of the brain is produced with the help of this test and hence, the extraction of the truth is projected.

What happens to a person undergoing the test?

A constant monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, or ECG of the subject or accused is carried out as part of the test after injecting the drug which is administered intravenously along with dextrose over a period of three hours with the help of anesthetist. The reaction in the patient starts within minutes of medication.

The use of sodium pentothal sometimes sedates the patient and puts them to sleep. But it is mandatory to maintain the level of consciousness and keep the patient in a drowsy state.

The Narco Analysis test is conducted only with the consent of the patient. This provision of the Article 20 (3) consists of the three components:

  • It is a right pertaining to a person accused of an offense
  • A protection against compulsion to be a witness
  • A protection against compulsion resulting in the accused giving the evidence against himself

The privilege under clause (3) is confined only to an accused and a person recorded with an FIR can claim the benefit of protection.

History of Narco Analysis tests

In India, the test was first used in 2002 in the Godhra carnage case. It was also in the news after the famous Arun Bhatt kidnapping case in Gujarat wherein the accused had appeared before the NHRC and the Supreme Court of India against undergoing the narco-analysis.

It was again in the news in the Telgi stamp paper scam when Abdul Karim Telgi was taken to the test in December 2003.

The two main accused in the Nithari serial killings, Mohinder Singh Pandher and Surendra Kohli, have undergone narco-analysis tests in Gandhinagar in Gujarat.

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