<strong>UP man dies while dancing in marriage party, video goes viral</strong>

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | November 29, 2022 IST

UP,Nov 29: In a tragic incident, a man in Uttar Pradesh died all of a sudden while dancing in a marrige procession. The incident which took place in the Varanasi's Piplani Katra area brought a sorrowful atmosphere in the locality when a forty-year old healthy man was declared dead, who was carried to the hospital from the function. The incident came to the light when a video of Varanasi's Piplani Katra area went viral in which a man suffered a heart attack while dancing during a wedding ceremony and died on the spot was featured. In a short video posted on Twitter, a man can be seen falling on the floor while dancing with his relatives. During the investigation, it has come to light that Manoj Vishwakarma (40) had gone to Piplani Katra Augharnath Takiya, Police Station Chetganj on November 25 to attend the wedding ceremony. Earlier in September, a similar incident happened when a man fell unconscious while dancing in a Ganpati pandal dressed as Lord Hanuman in Uttar Pradesh’s Mainpuri. He was rushed to the hospital where he died of a heart attack. The deceased was identified as Ravi Sharma. In another such incident that happened last month, a 20-year-old artist named Yogesh Gupta died while performing a dance in a Ganesh Puja event in Jammu and Kashmir’s Bishnah area. He suffered a heart attack and fell on the stage during a rigorous dance during a procession.

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