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Transgender doctor charges section of media for wrong reportage

24/11/2020 at 3:23 PM

Chennai, Nov 24: A transgender doctor on Tuesday charged a section of the media for a gross wrong reportage about her.

Speaking to IANS the doctor said: “It was totally a wrong reportage about me. The report has upset my parents and they are in tears.”

A police official in Madurai told IANS the transgender doctor was sitting in the Madurai railway station on Monday and a police official at the outpost enquired about her.

The police official said everyone was dumb-stuck on hearing that she was a qualified doctor and had undergone a sex change — from male to female.

The police then verified her certificates and cross checked with the Madurai Medical College where she had studied.

The matter was brought to the notice of the Thilagar Thidal police station Inspector Kavitha who spoke to her higher officials and got the doctor a coat and stethoscope.

According to the police, the doctor was working in a private hospital after completing her course and lost her job after she underwent a sex change surgery.

The police told IANS that a section of the media wrongly reported that the doctor along with several other transgenders were found begging on the streets and were rounded up.

“The media has damaged my name. I had requested the channel not to reveal my earlier name and other details. But the channel had revealed that and in the process damaged my name and upset my parents,” the doctor said.


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