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Tiger preys 5 goats: goat herder narrowly escaped in Keonjhar

9/01/2022 at 9:36 PM

Keonjhar, Jan 9: A tiger has created panic in Telkoi forest in Keonjhar district on Sunday.

The tiger has preyed on as many as five goats at a time and has chased the goat herder. However, he has been narrowly escaped by climbing a tree.

Sources said Suresh Patra of Karadangi village was managing a herd of goats in Sikheswar forest. Meanwhile, a tiger attacked the goats and killed five goats at a time. The wild tiger chased  Suresh as he raised alarm for rescue.  However,  he was saved for his wit.

Being informed, locals rushed to the spot for his rescue. However, the crowd could not face the furious tiger single-handed and informed forest officials. After a long wait and watch, Suresh was safely brought down from the treetop.       

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