Tapaswini-Sumit issue: New debate triggered regarding Tapaswini’s stay

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Last Updated Prameya News Bureau - January 05, 2022

Berhampur, Jan 5: Tapaswini-Sumit marital struggle has taken an all-new turn on Wednesday. A new debate has been triggered among the two families and both sides' advocates regarding Tapaswini’s stay after the Court’s verdict. Tapaswini’s in-laws urge her to accommodate in a sole house. While Tapaswini is adamant on her stand to stay with her husband Sumit. She wants to stay in the same bedroom, where she used to live with her husband after she solemnized her marriage with the Registrar’s Court. Sources said Berhampur, ADJ in his ruling ordered that Tapaswini will stay with Sumit’s family in his parental building.  At the same time, she will peacefully live there in the shared house. In pursuance of the order, Sumit’s father has readied the upper storey of his house for Tapaswini. However, Tapaswini does not agree with her father-in-law. She firmly demands to live with Sumit, in the same bedroom, where they used to live before the marital discords began. On the other hand, Sumit Sahu whose whereabouts is yet to be ascertained is reportedly in favour of challenging the ADJ Court’s order in the High Court. Sumit’s father said the ground floor is not convenient to house such a bigger family. It’s why he has made the upper storey functional with all essential amenities for Tapaswini to live.

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