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30/12/2018 at 10:08 AM

When you enter Esplanade One, the first aroma that hits your nose is the smell of freshly brewed, rich coffee. You are near a Cinnabon for sure then! In Esplanade, you’ll see Auntie Anne’s right next to Cinnabon. They satisfy your sweet and savoury tastes in the same place.

 Cinnabon: The signature confectionary of Cinnabon has to be cinnamon rolls….. Starting from the classic (traditional) cinnamon rolls, the flavours go all the way to coffee, chocolate, caramel-pecans as well! When we asked what the people’s favorite is, it was a cup of freshly brewed coffee and the Roll on the go. Roll on the go is the delicious cinnamon roll which is cut into pieces and drizzled with sweet, delectable cream. No wonder, why it’s people’s favourite.

Other than cinnamon buns and rolls, Cinnabon has Cinnabon bites and Cinnabon sticks as well. One of the best part about Cinnabon is their freshness and the recipe of their cinnamon rolls. They use high-quality flour, cream, and cinnamon. The actual recipe also uses this variant of fragrant and iconic cinnamon powder in cinnamon rolls. Each day, Cinnabon makes a fresh batch of these aromatic confectioneries. People in Odisha have a sweet tooth. And to satisfy that, Cinnabon fits right in!

At  Auntie Anne’s, they have the perfect pretzels! Which started in 1988, Auntie Anne’s made their fresh, soft pretzels as we know it today. They have a wide variety of pretzels at their Bhubaneswar store. Auntie Anne’s serves both sweet and savoury pretzels. This menu includes original, one with cinnamon sugar and my favourite pepperoni pretzel. When we asked about what Bhubaneswar loves to try at Auntie Anne’s we found that nuggets are a people’s favourite. These nuggets are perfect bite sized, cute (really!) and warm. It was coated with sea salt which was a heavenly combination with this butter oil tossed dough goodness.

Cinnabon and Auntie Anne’s provide ideal snacking solutions all day long! Sweet or Tang, it’s your pick!

Inputs by Apurba and photos by Tveshaj

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