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Heavy rush in saree, fruit markets ahead of ‘Savitree Brata’

28/05/2022 at 7:15 PM

Bhubaneswar, May 28: Saree and fruit markets have been jam-packed throughout the state of Odisha ahead of the Savitree Brata, which is scheduled for the coming Monday (May 30)

Women crowd in textile shops to buy sarees of their choice. Starting from malls to small saree shops-all are packed with women. Women also go the online shopping of sarees.

New fruit vendors have displayed their showcases of fruits and other commodities related to the women-centred festivity everywhere from the rural suburbs to the urban streets.

At the same time, a number of typical fruits of Odisha are costlier than before as these are considered to be the significant part of the Savitree Brata.

It’s why fruits including mango, bel, coconut, banana, dates, lychee, jackfruits, country plums, apple, pears, grapes, watermelon and cucumber are being sold out in a hiked price throughout the state.

Apart from it, pulses like moong, barley, oats, raw millets, sago grains, barley and candy which are the subsidiary goods specially used in the festival are now on sale with skyrocketing price.

Price of country mango which was Rs 30-40 per kilogram last week has crossed Rs 100 a kilo due to Savitree brata. A bel which was being sold @ one for Rs 10 is now 40-50 per unit. Similarly, a small coconut is being sold at Rs 30-40, a dozen bananas cost Rs 80-120, Arabian dates are sold at Rs 240 per kilo whereas the loose one is sold at Rs 100-150 a kilo. Lychee is the most costly item in the Savitree Bazar as 20 to 30 counts of the fruit costs Rs 150-180 now. Apple, the all-season fruit which is normally sold at Rs 120-150 a kilogram has been hiked to Rs 200-300 for the coming Savitree brata. The price of Jackfruit and watermelon have also witnessed skyrocketing prices for the customers.

Apart from it, green whole moong is sold at Rs 120 whereas the black one is over Rs 190-200 a kilo. So the other grains like oats, raw millets, sago grains and candy.    

According to Odia traditions, as many as 21 fruits are used on the occasion of the Savitree Brata. Women present them on a silver dish with vermilion and red bangles, which is believed to be a symbol of blessed conjugal life.

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