Samsung working on dual under-display camera tech for facial recognition

Last Updated September 25, 2022

Seoul, Sep 25: South Korean tech giant Samsung is likely working on a camera system for facial recognition that involves two under-display cameras. According to GSMArena, it is described in a patent application Samsung filed with the KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service) back in March 2021. The document in question was made public last week and picked up by a Dutch publication. At its core, the idea is relatively straightforward -- get multiple images of the user from two angles to better construct a 3D model of the face and use that for authentication purposes. The tech giant mentioned using under-display cameras, though, which is interesting in its own right. Up until now, it has more or less just experimented with the technology on its Galaxy Fold line without a broader release, the report said. The patent does not really go into so much detail. However, it does show a mockup of a regular "slab" style phone with two UDC cameras -- one at the top and one at the bottom. Another thing mentioned in the patent is measuring pupil size. As per the report, the idea is that a human's pupil size should vary depending on lighting conditions. (IANS) This could be used as an extra security measure against using things like photos or masks to trick facial authentication.

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