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Safety On Sword’s Edge, Looters On Prowl! City In Quick Sand Of Insecurity

19/03/2021 at 3:47 PM

By D N Singh 

Is everything all right as regards the social security in the state capital? Are the police able to rise to the new challenges post the pandemic which has sprung a menace of loots, snatchings and an air of panic? Even a noticeable rise in cyber crimes.

Shadows Can Scare 

It has become so pervasive that, one never feels the same what it used to be sometime back. Post the pandemic the fear of being stalked by snatchers has become so chronic an issue that, one dreads his or her own shadow from behind. 

Be Aware Of Stalkers

The message is clear that, one now should not venture out of home with a mobile phone or the ladies dare not move on roads with ornaments or even wallets.

On last Tuesday, while on an evening walk, this author saw two miscreants racing away snatching the mobile phone from the hands of a girl. And that was when she was talking to someone.

Interesting is the incident occurred at a crowded and lighted location just in front of Bazar Kolkata in Patrapada . She screamed for help but that was lost in the din of the traffic on the National highway

PCRs On Idle Tracks

Just 3 to 4 hundred metres from the spot a PCR van could be seen stationed adjacent to the DN Regalia mall. Which, on query, was known that the said PCR remains parked there almost every evening for over four to five hours, manned by more than half a dozen cops, just to pounce upon pillion riders on bikes without helmets.

It requires no corroboration because this author is now an eye witness to that every evening every evening. One wish the PCR made a few rounds in between durimg that time.

In fact that track of road has become a paradise for snatchers yet the cops remain pathetically unaware.

The other day, while on a walk on that same road, gazing the NH, this author fell victim to a similar kind of duo.

They requested for an emergency medical call and unsuspectingly I handed over the mobile phone after connecting the number. One of them talked few sentences and in the course, he rushed towards his accomplice ready, just five feet away, with the ignition on.

Then the floor was their and they sped on.

Some other day, close to that spot, to be specific in front of the lighted patch of Amber Show room, a middle aged couple on a scooter was suddenly blocked by two snatchers on a bike and the pillion rider snatched the gold chain of the lady and fled on the highway. The couple was left shouting for help but it was too late.

 A man, sturdy and robust looking, was on a bike while talking to someone with his cell phone sucked inside his helmet on the right side. Two on a bike came, had a bruise with his bike and pulled the mobile from his helmet and whizzed away through the lanes and byelanes. A chase by the victim could not help to catch the snatchers. 

The list of such incidents of snatchings can go to thousands but the moot question is where are the patrolls? 

In fact, without getting into the statistical description it can be said that , the capital police’s vigil face a mocking dismissal from the gangs of such snatchers or looting brigades . 

Let’s not hide behind the excuse of the pandemic pressure when the police was under tremendous pressure and too under staffed to eye on such incidents in the nooks and corners. 

Over Four Lakh Snaching In Recent Times 

It was in October last year capital police discovered a man running a shop with a whopping number of theft mobile phones worth Rs.7 lakhs! How calamitous is the fearlessness of the snatchers?  

There were about 4,94,404 cases of snathing in Odisha, easilly leaving the national average on the trail . 

It is not about playing a Devil’s Advocate as why the government doesn’t do this or that. Nor we can expect the political executives to personally hold a lens on such perpetrators.

It is the police, and that is simple and clear, to strengthen the mechanism to make the perpetrators feel stalked by the fear of the law. 

About the Author:

DN Singh is a Bhubaneswar-based senior journalist.


This is the personal opinion of the author. The views expressed in this write up have nothing to do with the www.prameyanews.com

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