Rath Yatra 2021: Lord Jagannath, siblings begins to roll sans devotees

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | July 12, 2021 IST

Puri, July 12: The annual Rath Jatra of Lord Jagannath and his siblings began today. The three chariots- Lord Jagannath's 'Nandighosh', Lord Balabhadra's 'Taladwaja' and Devi Subhadra's 'Darpadalan' chariots are ready to roll on the Grand Road. The stretch between Shree Jagannatha Temple and Gundicha Temple has been divided into four zones while the entire Puri town will remain under a total of 12 zones. As many as 65 platoons (one platoon comprises 30 personnel) of security forces will be deployed during the festival. Security personnel will also be posted on terraces of buildings adjacent to Grand Road as the state government has banned rooftop viewing of the festival.

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