Raju Srivastava put on ventilator again after mild fever

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Last Updated Prameya News Bureau - September 02, 2022

Mumbai, Sep 2: Comedian and politician Raju Srivastava has been put on ventilator again after he ran a mild fever of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The actor had gained consciousness on August 25 and had been recovering since then but the latest development has once again made his fans worry about his health. As per a report by India Today, Raju is still conscious and with normal body movements. The comedian was earlier registering Spo2 levels of 80 per cent to 90 per cent without oxygen support. Raju Srivastava was admitted to AIIMS in Delhi on August 10 after he suffered a heart attack following his gym routine. His trainer immediately took him to the hospital. Over the past few days, the comedian's health has witnessed significant fluctuations. On August 25, Raju finally regained consciousness around 8:00 a.m. Currently the comedian is being closely monitored for fever as he continues to recuperate. (IANS)

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