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Post Covid complications new worry for all

28/01/2021 at 7:31 PM

Bhubaneswar, Jan 28: Post Covid complications is now a new worry for all. Recovered Covid positive patients complain of encountering serious health problems even long after discharge from the hospital. Some patients reportedly experience fatal illness like breathlessness, pain in heart and chest after getting absolutely cured. In spite testing negative most patients experience corona like symptoms. A few of them are getting life threats like Acute Respiratory Syndrome(ARS), extreme nerve weakness along with other health hazards.

 The death toll of Covid-19 patients is falling drastically. Approximately 97 percent Covid-19 positive patients globally have done well, says the matrix of the Union Health Ministry. The recovery rate in Odisha as compared to India’s is higher than ever before. However, the new trend of Post Corona complications has brought new worries for all. As per the report of Odisha Health Department officials, Most of the Covid patients are unable to lead a healthy life as before. Though they  have been discharged from the special Covid hospitals on the subsequent negative reports,they are now fighting some complications equally alike corona.

On the other hand the Covid positive patients who have tested negative during home isolation also encounter the same problems. A few patients have experienced reoccurrence of Covid-19 twice or thrice. In spite of the adverse effect most of the patients are allowed to remain with their family.As of now, almost all guidelines and standard operating procedures against Corona  have been relaxed. Schools,Offices,Malls and parks are wide open for all. People are going to forget social distances and masks. Covid Care hospitals are going normal with no load of Covid patients since weeks. Community Vaccination is on war footing.

However, people with long term post Covid complications are getting admitted to the hospital in large numbers.

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