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Pakhala Dibasa: These places in Bhubaneswar serve authentic pakhala

20/03/2021 at 11:45 AM

Dalma Hotel 

Dalama hotel is a prime place to taste the traditional Pakhala in the smart city. Antique brass utensils filled with spicy pakhala and chilly garnish attracts scores of customers on the eve of the great Pakhala Dibasa. 

Odisha Hotel 

Odisha hotel is a remarkable place to avail pakhala in each season. It serves pakhala in Teracota Bowls with Badi(dry-roasted grams) and saga along with homie dishes. It arranges special country items on this typical day.

Ekamra Hat

Ekamrahata is a famous place to remember on the eve of the Pakhala Dibasa. Longline of costumers crowd inside the hat to taste the delicious Pakhala available here with a wide variety of traditional flavour. Dahi Pakhala, Kaddi Pakhala and Kanji Pakhal is the main attraction of the site. Though Corona protocol has halted the occasion this year, the informal eatery serves Pakhala to many Odias.

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