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Soaring vegetable prices hit people ahead of Dutibahana Osha tomorrow

17/09/2022 at 10:18 AM

Odisha to celebrate 'Dutibahana Osha' tomorrow

Bhubaneswar, Sept 17: A steep hike in vegetable prices have delivered a double whammy to the people of Odisha as it is all set to celebrate Dutibahana Osha or Pua Jiuntia Osha tomorrow.

Torrential rains and the subsequent floods have led to crop damage and supply chain disruptions which led to hike in the prices of vegetables in the state.

Dutibahana Osha ritual is celebrated every year on the day of Ashwina Krushna Ashtami or Mula Ashtami but the rise in prices has compounded the woes of consumers.

Sources said, tomatoes, which cost Rs 30-35 a kg till a few days ago, are now selling at Rs 50, while Yam (Mati alu) which cost Rs 40, now selling at Rs 100, Brinjal costs Rs 50, cucumber Rs 70, Carrot Rs 50, Beans, Capsicum, and Pointed gourd are being sold at Rs 120 each.

Secretary of All Odisha Byabasayee Mahasangh Sudharkan Panda said the prices of vegetables have skyrocketed. He expected that the prices of vegetables would remain the same till Diwali.

Dutibahana Osha is being observed by all mothers to get the grace of Lord Dutibahana for the long life and prosperity of their sons. Mothers offer many seasonal vegetables during the rituals. The next day, after completion of the rituals, they make a ‘Ghanta’ – mix vegetable curry which the whole family enjoy during lunchtime. But some of the people are complained of rise in prices creating difficult to celebrate the festival in joy.


Ghanta is a signature Odia recipe where various vegetables are cooked with soaked pulses and legumes like Black gram, chick peas, lentils and coconut in huge quantities and distributed among neighbours. The curry is full of nutrients and is also high. The Ghanta curry which is prepared the next day on the occasion of Dwitbahana Puja is something to remember.


Pumpkin (Kakharu) ,Yam (Mati alu), Khada (Green Amaranth) ,Fritters (Kankada) ,Drumstick (Sajana chuin) ,Elephant apple (Oou) ,Beans, Potato, Brinjal, Pointed gourd (Potala), Yellow cucumber (Phuti kakudi) ,Arbi (Saru), Banana Ash gourd (Pani kakharu), Sweet potato, Papaya ,Grated coconut ,Coconut pieces, Coriander leaves ,Chole, White matar ,Sprouts (Muga gaja), Sprouts (Kala chana gaja), Chana dal Masala ingredients: Black pepper, Coriander, Cumin, Red chilli ,Ginger Bay leaves Jaggery, Pancha futana , and Ghee.

Ghanta Curry recipe:

-Soak the Black gram, chick peas, and lentils for 3 to 4 hours, preferably overnight.

– Wet clean cotton cloth and squeeze excess water from it. Tie the moong daal in the cloth and keep it covered in a container for a day. You should be able to see sprouts coming from it.

-Dry roast garam masala, cool and grind to a fine powder.

-Wash and cut the vegetable. Boil all vegetables with cup water, turmeric powder, salt, bay leaf, grated ginger and cook. You may fry the vegetable also.

– Don’t add more water to the vegetables.

-Once the vegetables are half cooked, add the elephant apple and cook till all the vegetables are cooked perfectly.

-In a pan, heat the ghee and add the red chillies and cumin seeds add the roasted cumin and red chilli powder to it and immediately pour this over the cooked vegetables. Add the grated coconut, mix well and cook on low flame for 4-5 minutes and the ghanta is ready to eat.

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