Odisha BJP should advise their own party to lower electricity tariffs in BJP-ruled states: BJD

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Last Updated Prameya News Bureau - April 02, 2021

Bhubaneswar, April 2: The ruling BJD today came down heavily on BJP for protesting hike in electricity tariff and accused the BJP of maintain double standard. Spokesperson of BJD, Lenin Mohanty said that BJP ruled states in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh have hiked electricity tariff in recent past. “When it comes to their BJP Party increasing electricity tariff in other States, the Odisha BJP justifies it. But when it comes to Odisha, the BJP demonstrates on the streets. Such double standards and crocodile tears of the Odisha BJP with a motive to mislead and misguide the people of Odisha is highly condemnable and unfortunate,” said Mohanty. He further said that BJP is fully aware that Odisha Government does not increase the electricity tariff but the Orissa Electricity Regulatory Commission, which is an independent body.       "But despite knowing this, the BJP trying to play cheap politics on such a sensitive issue is extremely unfortunate. Before advising the BJD Government, the Odisha BJP should first advise their own party to lower electricity tariffs which they have been increasing rapidly in the BJP-ruled states,” he added.

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