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Nor’wester knots Patitapaban bana of Sri Jagannath temple

12/05/2021 at 9:27 PM

Puri, May 12: The Patitapaban Bana, the pious flag that flies atop Sri Jagannath temple, Puri was blown away by the nor’wester yesterday afternoon.

The divine flag had developed knots curling in the air that is considered to be a very rare incident.

As per the servitors, blowing away of the Patitapaban Bana is not new for Puri Sri Mandir.

In many occasions earlier, it was blown away after strong wind followed by lightning. However, 14 feet, 18 feet and 51 feet long Banas were set atop the temple after the Super cyclone. Subsequently, it got replaced according to the temple rituals.

However, the Banas took around 16 knots after being curled round in air, which occured around 16 years ago, said a senior servitor assigned to Bana Seva of the temple. Possessing the bana with knots brings good fortune for home and the family, he added.

On the other hand, elderly people anticipate something unusual in store for Odisha.   

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