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Nanak In Odisha: Remember The Greatest Ever Equaliser Of Faiths, Ardent Devotee Of Lord Jagannath

19/11/2021 at 1:14 PM

By DN Singh

The majestic temple, the star studded vast blue sky being serenaded by the gorgeous roars of Bay of Bengal and the moments when chants ‘mantras’ and ‘bhajans’ reverberate the airs of Puri, the waiting Saint, Guru Nanak could not hide his devotions.

It was in 1506, that the great Guru, fondly remembered by many as the turban traveler, had his emotions bursting out before the creator of the universe, Lord Jagannath.

A mesmerized Guru Nanak was agog with awe and reverence to describe that, “the aura of the ultimate creator whose glory could not be contained in anything human had to offer”. It was all spontaneous and inspiring.

In Praise Of Ultimate Creator

Guru Nanak derived the inner instinct to compose the great ‘Arati”and along with other compositions by others, the Sikh Aarti is recited in ‘raga’ Dhanashri at every conclusion of the day’s last prayers.

Where in the great devotee of Lord Jagannath, Guru Nanak, had his feeling flowing somewhat like this ‘ the creator’s grandeur is too much to be described amid small lamps, where the incense sticks; when the sky is the grand platter, the stars on the blue vault are the real lamps, the wind is celestial fan and the flower-filled forests are the scent’.

So powerful and touching was the composition that Rabindra Nath had translated the Arti into Bengali. The divine link between Lord Jagannath of Puri is so big that it transcends all barriers of divisions of faith humanity can think of.

His Days In Cuttack

The Guru also said that, it’s such a “wealth of heritage” it has been discovered and rediscovered by historians and devotees every time they think of this “ultimate Creator”.

Before coming to seek shelter before the Lord of Puri, Guru Nanak came through Cuttack where the saint had stayed in a small cottage near Cuttack.  

It was  515  years back, 1506  guru nanak stepped on the soil of odisha, cuttack from where the turban traveler headed towards Puri.

Nanak Nanak Datan Sahib standing at the banks of Mahanadi river is a testimony to the visit of the great guru whose preachings had its sway over people cutting across religious barriers and more specifically, the sikh community.

During the Guru’s sojourn in Cuttack, popularity increased attracting some to accept the philosophy of the Guru and became a heartburn for a few,

In a small cottage near Cuttack where Chetan Bharati was residing nearby wanted to put a spoke in the wheel through his witchcraft but it all failed.

Change Of A Heart

Then he tried to disturb the Guru while praying by breaking a branch of a huge tree on him but when the Guru’s eyelids opened and he looked up, the tree branch fell on the ground. The guru gave a smile of compassion.

Transformation took place forcing Chetan to lie prostrate on the guru’s feet and soon he turned to a Sikh. The tree perished in 1930 however, Prof Pranashankar Parija and Prof Baba Kartar Singh collected donations for the rebuilding of the Gurudwara in 1935 which was later remodeled in 1988.

From the roots of the perished Sharda tree grew another tree and it still symbolizes a glory of the past. However, a small branch of the Datan Sahib (tree) has been preserved inside the Gurudwara in a glass showcase along with a model of the golden temple.

Gurudwara Guru Nanak Datan Sahib which open its arms for people from all sections without any discrimination of caste, creed or colour.

About the Author:

DN Singh is a Bhubaneswar-based senior journalist.


This is the personal opinion of the author. The views expressed in this write up have nothing to do with the www.prameyanews.com

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