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10/10/2018 at 4:10 PM

When one thinks of Kolkata, the thoughts that come to our mind include the magnificent Howrah bridge, Dakhineswar Kali Temple, Victoria memorial, Fresh water fish, Rossogolla, Misti doi and the plethora of sweets to pick from. If you have ever been to Kolkata, you will be first greeted by the smell of fresh fish, fried luchis and the sweetest people on Earth. No wonder why Kolkata is called “city of joy”.
While strolling in the temple city, we came across a place which brings us the memories of Kolkata. Manomay, located in the busy Cuttack road Bhubaneswar, is a heaven from Kolkata in Bhubaneswar. When we enter Manomay, we were greeted with warm smiles, the aroma of fresh Ghujiyas, Samosas Kachories and of course, the fragrance of milk delights.
There were 25 variants of sweets which includes 4 types of Rosogolla, 4 types of Sandesh and assorted types of Bengali modern fusion savories and signature dishes. We started exploring with some savory delights. Idly dhokla, Vadapav, Ghujiya samosa, Matter puff, veg patties, Pyaaz kachori, and many delights to pick from. The snacks were served in brown paper bag as it is done in Kolkata. This does bring in lot of memories of Kolkota specially the street foods. Now it is been well packaged here in Manomoy.

We shifted our focus to sweet meats. If one has a sweet tooth much as we had, we are sure you will be confused from the options you have to pick from. We were baffled seeing so many choices to pick from. We decided to start from assortments of Rosogollas. There was Rajbhog, Strawberry, Kiwi, and Blackcurrant flavored rosogollas.

Being from the generation living in the fusion world, these Rosogollas are eye candies. As appealing as they look, they give out the milky, sugary taste along with their respective flavour.
The next pick was on Sandesh. The variants of Sandesh offered by Manomoy will baffle every. That desire to try all of them would take quite a time. We made the tough choice of picking about a handful of Sandesh- Pineapple Abarkhabo, Pista punch, Fruit punch, and Chocolate punch. These are some of the signature sweet treats at Manomay. Almost all the Sandesh are soaked in a Syrup which is a trade secret and the owner basks on this secret .This stands apart from the Sandesh which we get in Bhubaneswar. Another standout was the Almond Rose ladoo. Embedded the essence and fragrance of rose and packed with the goodness of Almond, this dessert is one of the most unique desserts in available now in Bhubaneswar. The best culinary dessert – Baked Nut Sunflowers which had peanuts dressed on a delicious soft chhena (cottage cheese) sweet and then baked to perfection.

Along with the wildest and widest assortment of sweets, Manomay houses a grandeur collection of imported and indigenous chocolates.If you are looking for gift baskets to woo your friend, partner, spouse or be the star corporate gifting person, then Manomay is the place to go. With beautifully decorated handmade boxes stuffed with cheese coated cashews and homemade chocolates, it’s definitely the talk of the town.
Inputs: Apurba photos Tveshaj

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