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Me Too: Noted painter Jatin Das accused of sexual harassment by Nisha Bora

16/10/2018 at 6:43 PM


Bhubaneswar: Noted painter Jatin Das was accused of sexual harassment by Nisha Bora.

Bora met Jatin through her family during a dinner event in Delhi.

In a detailed Twitter post, Nisha talked about her horrifying story. She disclosed that she met Jatin through her father-in-law in the summer of 2004 at a dinner event at the India International Centre, Delhi.

According to her post, at the event the painter asked Nisha to assist him for a few days to organise his work material and since she was a huge fan she agreed to it.

“I visited Jatin in his studio, which was in Khidki Village. I don’t recall the time of day, but that it was well within daylight hours. He poured himself some whiskey; offered me one too, but I refused. The next thing I knew, he attempted to grab me. I wriggled out of his embrace, flustered. Then he did it again. This time, he managed a clumsy kiss on my lips. I recall the feeling of his beard on my skin. I pushed him away, and moved away from him. At that moment, he said, Come on, it would be nice. Or something like that. What I recall clearly was his disbelief that I was pushing back,” wrote Bora.

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