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4/03/2019 at 3:40 PM

It isn’t everyday one gets a chance to visit a Palace and have the honours to review it. Mahodadhi Palace is the first and only Palace heritage hotel in Odisha. The property is taken care by Kamat Group of Hotels, an ideal place to relax in Puri. It is a beach front property with a beautiful lawn in front of it.

The Palace used to be the summer palace of Maharaja of Panchkot. This Heritage, lush-green property screams relaxation in the hot summer days of that time. A brilliant display of the Colonial architecture, the palace gives a vintage and Heritage vibes. It’s a stone building barely a minute’s walk from the white-sand beach of Puri.

The interiors, still has its ancient decorations, vintage switchboards, and artifacts adorning the corridors of the hotel. The ambiance and the contemporary opulence becomes the very reason to get away from the daily mundane affairs. Inside the rooms, you can see the bed-curtains around the poles with high-rise ceilings gives you the feeling of being a chapter of history.

Along with the rooms, the property provides you with an option to enjoy a calming night at their beautiful wooden cabins. Crafted to provide you with serene experiences, these wooden paneled cottages become another reason to experience the vintage vibes at the property.

You can experience the sophisticated Colonial styles and the Contemporary styles at the same place! On the terrace you can experience classic country style food in the open-air restaurant. Comforting breeze from the vast blue ocean and a soothing meal can make your day here.

One of the signature features of the Mahodadhi Palace apart from the royal feels is their British themed bar. With luscious olive green walls, you will get a very sophisticated yet relaxing vibe. Cocktails and lip-smacking food are a common affair here. We tried one of their signature dishes recommended and prepared by Chef  Harekrishna MohantyTawa fried Mullet fish (Khainga). With a lustrous golden-brown coat of the delicious marinade, the fish was cooked to perfection. You can taste freshness of the water in this sweet-fleshed fish. Marinade made from Indian spices and ginger garlic paste with a hint of lemon juice made the fish taste better. Khainga is a fresh-water fish, which is little shorter than your arm’s length. Lemon juice elevates its tastes and adds the much needed acidity and balance to this otherwise gorgeous dish. Pair it with the beverage of your choice and you are gifting a brilliant experience to yourself.

The food, the vintage vibes, colonial stone building and the gorgeous sunrise at something you need to experience in person. Mahodadhi is giving a new definition to the exclusive heritage experience.

Inputs by Apurba and photos by Tveshaj

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