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Know what Zodiac sign do in Ganesh Chaturthi

10/09/2021 at 9:39 AM

Today is Ganesh Chaturthi and people are gearing up to welcome ‘Ganpati Bappa’ in their own unique ways. Ganesh Chaturthi which starts on September 10, 2021 is now ready celebrate with much love, zeal and fervour as it spreads the message of positivity, health, and happiness for everyone.

Let’s know what Zodiac sign do in Ganesh Chaturthi:


Aries people should worship Vakratund Ganesha on Ganesh Chaturthi, by worshiping them; you will get freedom from all huddles in your life.  You can also chant the mantra of Om Gan Ganpataye Namah 108 times.


Worship the destroyer Ganeshji and offer laddus made of coconut to God. Also, chant the mantra of Om Hreen Green Hari 108 times a day.


Gemini sign people worship Vinayaka Ganesha and offer laddoos made of moong everyday and distribute it in Prasad and chant the mantra of Om Shree Shriyayah Namah 108 times and you can also recite Shri Sukta.


Worship Lakshmi Ganesha everyday and offer it to the needy devotees by offering ladoos made of Ganesha’s beloved modak. Chant the mantra of Om Ekadantayu 108 times.


Leo zodiac sign people can worship Shaktivinayak Ganesha and offer him a ladoo made of sugar candy. Chant the mantra of Shaktivinayak Ganesha Ganesha Om Ekadantaya Nam: 108 times and if possible donate some wheat to needy devotees.


People of Virgo can worship Haridra Ganesha and provide kheer made of milk and fruit. First of all, feed the eldest woman of the Kheer household by offering to God.


People of Libra zodiac can worship good luck Ganesha and can please the God by offering Gudak laddu. Chant the mantra of Vashmanaya Swaha 108 times in Om Shriman Gub Saubhagya Ganapateya Varvaradan Sarvajanam and feed green grass to the cow.


The Scorpio zodiac people can worship the form of Lord Ganesha’s Lambodar Ganesha, offer laddus made of raisins and sesame and donate books and pencils to poor children.


The people of Sagittarius can worship the destroyer of destruction and offer moong bean dal lado and can donate the things needed to the poor.


The people of Capricorn can worship the Umaputraya Ganesha form of Ganesha and offer the Lord Besan ladoos. Also chant the mantra of Om Viktananay Namah 108 times and offer Krishna Kanta’s flower.


The people of Aquarius should worship Sarveshvaraya form of Lord Ganesha and distribute Sesame Laddus as prasad. Also chant the mantra of Om Sarveshvaraya Namah 108 times and it will be better to do donate soap, clothes and grains.


People of Pisces can worship Haridra Ganesh and offer modak ladoos to small children every day.

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