Keonjhar district administration receives several SKOCH Awards

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | November 05, 2022 IST

Keonjhar, Oct 5: Keonjhar district administration received SKOCH Gold Award 2022 in ‘District Governance’ category for the Agriculture Production Cluster program. With an aim to double the small and marginal women farmers’ income, APC program in Keonjhar is covering 39,000 women farmers across 13 blocks which facilitates producer groups and producer companies for sustainability by ensuring synchronized production, linkage with stakeholders to optimize production and access different livelihood support infrastructures. The project is supported by DMF Keonjhar. Along with this, Keonjhar district administration received SKOCH Silver Award 2022 in ‘District Governance’ category for the WADI program under Deputy Director Horticulture and ‘Municipal Governance’ category for WUSHU stadium under Barbil Municipality. WADI is a comprehensive project to promote agro-horti-forestry based livelihood as a source of income security for small and marginal farmers in mining areas.  The model provides an assured and continuous source of food, fodder, fuel, medicine and timber, year after year once the trees reach maturity. The project covers around 1460-acre area while giving sustainable livelihood support to 1516 small and marginal farmers. WUSHU a state-of-the-art academy is set up in Barbil Municipality to nurture sporting talent among youth and excel in world sports. The academy is built over an area of 10,000 sq. ft. equipped with world class training facilities. At present 150+ WUSHU & Kick Boxing Athletes are being trained in this facility. DMF Keonjhar has supported both the projects. District Administration Keonjhar also received Semi-Finalist #SKOCHORDEROFMERIT 2022 for Development of Handball Ground under Keonjhargarh Municipality, Improving Road Connectivity in Mining Affected Habitats under R & B Division and Installation of Solar Powered Street Systems in Mining Affected Villages under Zilla Parishad Keonjhar. Keonjhar Handball Stadium located in Keonjhargarh Municipality is 1st facility with Outdoor Synthetic Handball Court in Odisha. The dual courts built as per the International Handball Federation-IHF standard and materials approved by International Tennis Federation. With better rural connectivity in mining areas of Keonjhar, the rural communities are getting access to health services, education, employment, and markets, leading to better livelihood, and improved economic conditions To promote renewable energy and extend support to socio-economic, educational, and recreational activities in the mining villages, the district administration has installed solar streetlights along village roads and public places. The project ensures safety and security in villages, less crime related incidents, more social activities after sunset.

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