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International Women’s Day: These Odia women will leave you motivated

8/03/2021 at 12:02 PM

Bhubaneswar, Mar 8: The world without women is incomplete. It is not because they are a key to new lives, rather, are the only being who can make anything possible.

Every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 worldwide. Known as the International Women’s Day—this day celebrates the essence and spirit of being a woman and hailing the achievements of a few incredible female faces.

On International Women’s Day, Prameya News has brought to you three women, whose may motivate you to the core.

Kasturi Patnaik:

Like many of others, she had also borne the brunt of Covid-19 outbreak. The speech and language therapist lost her job with the imposition of lock down. Without wasting time and losing hope she turned her passion of cooking into the profession. She started serving people with Odia meals. Her food bloggers friends helped her and shared her menus on social media platforms.

A month after opening the business of catering, she got her first order. Later, she got as many as five orders and then her catering service ‘PETTA FULL’ became popular among the city residents, who want to have homely food.

Her family members and friends helped her to grow in this field and then she started getting orders for parties.

Currently she is getting as many as 20 orders per day and she herself delivering the homely foods.

“ No work is small or big. Do what you want to do. Let not others to oppress your voices,” Said Kasturi.


On February 28, she showed extreme bravery and overpowered two youths who attempted to snatch away her mobile phone on busy Bhubaneswar streets. Rinu was returning home on a two-wheeler when the two miscreants attempted to loot mobile phone and other valuables from her. She fought back and taught the miscreants a lesson.

With the bravery of the girl, the miscreants were nabbed and then handed over to police.

Snigdha Tripathy:

Snigdha with her motivational video messages has become a social media influencer.  Her ‘motivational’ videos shared on Facebook have grabbed lakhs of views with thousands of likes and share. She has become popular among the young generation. She shared her thoughts on trending topics, which are being liked by youths and intellectuals.

Her video ‘ Chala bhai aame gariba heba’ ( Let’s be poor) has around 530k views.

“The women should be self-sufficient, create a new identity of your own in the society. No matter how big or small it is, people can bring their talents to the public,” she said.  

Report: Sabyasachi Kundu

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