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In the midst of uncivil chaos over polls, Indian politicians have a lesson here from Odisha CM

14/03/2021 at 10:47 AM

By D N Singh 

Looking at what is happening in our neighbouring state and in other states, going to the assembly polls, one is left with a sense of gripping listlessness . 

Ruckus, a restive air of self aggrandisement, incidents of assault and lowering of language and, importantly,  dragging in religion as an auxiliary guy rope for divisions !

No politician can be freed of the allegations of misleading insinuations other than the core issues like developments and delivery . 

Respite Here 

That way the people of Odisha should be a relaxed lot to have a leader, who is not only the chief minister but, a man who has instilled a political culture which is far more civil in essence and practice in India, than any other leader of his time . 

Naveen Shuns Uncivil Politics 

Be it elections or no elections , Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik is undisputedly a cut above the rest of CMs in the country . 

He might have inherited a legacy of his father, the legendary Biju Patnaik but,  he never exhibits the traits of unconventional politics his father was known for .

Naveen is suave, decent and a very patient politician who despised politics of hatred in any form of politics . 

It is said by a few greats that, language is an essential ingredient of politics and if language in politics get corrupted by lowering of terminologies then, politics also gets corrupted . 

That is where Naveen Patnaik emerges as a role model for many. 

When the political firmaments get suffocated with loads of trading of charges on personal notes, skull duggery remains as a constant prejudice and relatiatory politics, with vengeance and vendetta, are the most suffocating features of political discourses in the country , Odisha chief minister has his own set of codes. 

Hates Name-calling

Tirades such as ‘ ukhaad kar phek denge’, the ‘Pappu-chhapu name calling or ‘Chowkidar Chor’ or ‘ Nadda fadda ‘ are the only terms to play to the gallery , everyone in Indian politics has a lesson to learn from Odisha CM as, how one can scream through the perseverance of silence and soberness . 

When the 2009 alliance in Odisha broke , barrages of name callings came up making politics look so beligerent. But Patnaik hardly uttered a word of vengeance in response and his juggernaut rolled back smooth . 

When the national politics in 2019 looked packed with aspersions, threatening insinuations to unnerve the rival parties including the BJD in general and Naveen in particular , the latter exhibited exemplary traits of decency and composure during his lonely campaign in bus through out . 

Neither his voice rose in decibels nor he ever chose to utter any name from the opposite camps to mean that , he minds his own job and doesn’t care what people say about him.

Lexicon Of Civility 

Something derisive in language, when political tempers rise by provocative teasings , has never been heard from Patnaik during any of his reactions towards his worst enemies even . 

In his last 20 plus years as a leader, he has never allowed his style of dispositions being cynical or insensitive, let alone being callous even towards his worst critics.

Perhaps, anger or politics of uncivil nomenclature do not have their mention in Patnaik’s lexicon . 

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