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High Profile Murder Mystery Capsules Itself In An Accidental Death Only

21/10/2021 at 3:53 PM

By D N Singh

Odisha police seemed wanting in its pace of the probe from day one over the mysterious death of the Parlakhemudi’s Asst Conservator Of Forest, Soumya Ranjan Mohapatra.

Now, after three months the state Crime Branch(CB) has virtually foreclosed the case and has filed the charge-sheet precluding any one as a direct accused in the ghastly incident when the ACP got burnt alive like in any crime serial and someone was merely watching.

“For which the wife of the deceased, Bidyabharati Panda, has been found guilty of some omission under 34 A of the IPC  for Negligent Omission in dousing the fire “ , said Sanjiv Panda, Additional Director General of Police, Crime Branch, Odisha.

What has deepened the mystery is the nature of the death and the investigating team is left with hardly any escape route. 

Became Mystery, And Remains So Still

In the case of the death of the ACP Mohapatra, it has grown to become a mystery and it remains so, as whether, he was killed or he committed suicide. State Crime Branch has closed the case as an accident!

“ We have closed the case and filed the charge sheet. The wife of the deceased Bidhyabharati was found responsible for not making enough efforts to douse the fire” said Sanjiv Panda, Additional Director General Of Police, State Crime Branch. “It was an act of omission,  , under Sector 34 A of the IPC for Negligence of Omission ”, Panda added.

And he further said that, “it was purely accidental that the deceased was caught by fire while trying to burn some obsolete papers, not suicide. While he was using kerosene to burn the unnecessary papers,  the kerosene fell on him and he was in flames” the top cop said and went on that, they have enough scientific evidence in support of their findings and a dying video statement of the deceased officer.

Island Of Confusion

Be it his wife Bidyabharati Panda or the Divisional Forest Officer of Parlakhemudi, Sangram K Behera, had come    within the domains of suspicion.

Somewhere and somehow, the investigating team finds itself in an island of confusion created by circumstances or spun out of pre-indisposed intents behind the entire exercise to save someone or to see someone to be the scapegoat.

When an incident of crime gets a political undertone, then the investigation becomes faltering and in the above case as well, maybe, some truths and lies have been tactfully embroidered to confuse the entire process.

The reasons are rumored to be the role of some politician whose role influences the course of the probe.

In the present situation, and drawing inferences from many turns and twists, since the last three months, it appeared that the investigation had already derailed and for the bereaved family of the deceased ACP, the court is the last recourse. And they(parents of Soumya)have gone to the Orissa High Court seeking justice for their son.

Three months is a huge space which could have helped the destruction of evidence relating to the ACP’s death although the media, even, is not yet in a position to make any sweeping deduction on the role of the investigating team of the State Crime Branch. 

Unbelievable “Omission” By A Wife

A recall of this incident about three months back seemed shrouded in a mystery. And two probes, one by the local police and then by the Crime Branch(CB) have further confounded the confusion.

It was stated after the initial probe that the deceased was found by his wife when in flames and burning, and she was the only one who was a witness to the incident.

 Subsequently it was established that the deceased ACP had sustained 90% burnt injury and it was also stated by the local police that, in that condition even Mohapatra had given a dying statement. 

Further probe by the CB has found that, Bidyabharati had not made sufficient efforts to douse the fire, which led to her husband getting burnt-alive to death.

Which means that the wife was cold-bloodedly unsympathetic towards what was happening on the ground, when her husband was dying in flames! 

Can a man with 90% burnt ever make a statement which has been made later to be a dying statement to, purportedly, give it an accidental angle by the local police.

If the ACP was engulfed by fire inside the house, then there should have been evidence to post such a horrifying incident. But, there had been none, perhaps!

“ Yes, there were traces of carbon on some walls and other spots “ quipped the ADGP, CB.

Why Kerosene Oil To Burn Papers!  

The question also hangs about that, why the deceased was trying to burn the papers inside a living room and was there any need of kerosene to burn some dry papers?    

Going by the versions of the family of the deceased, the Divisional Forest Officer of Paralakhumudi, Sangram K Behera, had an alleged illicit affair with the wife of the deceased which remained to be the main reason behind the entire episode which led to the ACP’s death.

The family has alleged that the DFO was one of the main conspirators along with Bidyabharati who together had designed the plot for killing of Mohapatra. 

But the CB dismisses any such extramarital angle that the deceased’s wife and the said DFO had any affair.

“ We have made all that is required to find if there was any such affair but there was no evidence at all” said the ADGP, CB.

Interestingly the probe by the local police and the CB has given the clean chit to the DFO. First by the local Superintendent of Police, Parlakhemudi and then by the investigating CB team.

“ We have found no such evidence to say that there was any such relationship between the DFO and Bidyabharati” said the ADGP, CB

Under no circumstances an empathetic wife can merely watch her husband singe to death in fire and raise no alarm. Until and unless she was part of an alleged design.    

About the Author:

DN Singh is a Bhubaneswar-based senior journalist.


This is the personal opinion of the author. The views expressed in this write up have nothing to do with the www.prameyanews.com

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