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Happy Bday Dreamgirl

16/10/2021 at 7:40 AM

Mumbai, Oct 16: Actor-politician Hema Malini turned 73 on Saturday. The actor, whom the millennials can recall only as a dancer and a BJP politician, was once the highest-paid female superstar on Bollywood.

She is one of the most successful actress in the industry but with the success, controversies is nothing new to Hema Malini, but few know the art of dealing with it. Hema Malini is not just a Bollywood “dream girl”, she is a Bollywood actress who has lived her life on her own terms. She is the elegance and poise embodied in Bollywood, which does not have a reputation for being a very good female actor. It wasn’t easy for Hema Malini either, but she handled controversy very elegantly, especially after she married Dharmendra.

What deserves attention in all the controversies and social debates is the serenity with which Hema Malini and Dharmendra receive bricks and garlands.
She continued her career, successfully balancing home and her career as a wife and mother when her daughters Esha and Ahana were born.

When the controversies raised his head, she handled it with his calm dignity. Most importantly, he reacted first and gave fearless answers to strange questions about the legitimacy of their marriage with Dharmendra’s shared responsibilities to the two important women in his life.

“I don’t expect Dharamji to give me his strong shoulder to cry on if I have to deal with a personal or professional issue. He has his own responsibilities and challenges. As women we are blessed with more strength and practical wisdom and we just have to summon it when the need arises”, she remarked to me once when I jokingly asked her how she dealt with her teenaged daughters’ growing up vagaries.

” There are countless women in our country who manage beautifully as single parents and take right decisions. It is entirely up to an individual to live her life with dignity and values that are naturally passed on to the offsprings”, she remarked.

That conversation came up a long time ago when Esha was stepping out into the film world and it sums up her success in everything she sets out to do. Today she is not just Hema Malini the super star who has had the longest innings as a box office star. She is a political celebrity as well. Her stance has not changed in her personal and public life. ” Be honest to yourself and others and respect and success will follow”, she concludes.

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