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29/10/2018 at 5:21 PM

I really missed a heartbeat when we were confirmed for the Grill and Chill food review at the Trident. It was after a long time the property has started the event. I remember long time back how we enjoyed near the poolside and enjoyed the grill. Somehow the grill food did not continue and now they started the same and have reworked on the menu. The menu is not cluttered and it flows giving the best value for money. The culinary connoisseur will enjoy to the last bit with a lasting experience.

True to the Tridents hospitality we were welcomed by Hotel General Manager Mr. Adin and Exec Chef Ankit along with his team Chef Trisha and Chef Sahil. We were ushered to a nice corner near the pool which had the perfect pristine environment and the full moon playing hide and seek between the branches of the coconut trees. The setting with candle lights gave the full mood for grill & chill.

PRELUDE: Grilled food is cooked fast and is hot when served, the cooking is at a temperature of 250 to to 280 degree celsius. Usually meats like chicken breast, steaks, meat chops, seafood, and sausages are great for grilling. Many vegetables along with fruits are great for grilling. In grilling the food are kept over direct heat where the heat source is from fire or flame is directly below the food. The purpose is to char the surface of the food or meat and seal the juice by creating a caramelised crust. Grilling is done by taking help of charcoals or gas flames, and this is followed in all the culinary regimes of the world.

Most of us confuse grill with barbecue. In barbecue, it is always with meat and it is toughest ones: ribs, pork shoulder, beef brisket or whole chickens. The process followed are that of iNdirect heat where the heat source is connected to the chamber where the meat is held. The heat source is normally from wood and the heat ranges from 100 to 110 degree celsius.
ROASTED PUMPKIN SOUP WITH FETA: It is said you’ll know a good Feta when you have it. When we had a slurp of the roasted pumpkin soup packed with friable Feta, we knew we had the best Feta cheese! Straight from picturesque Greece, Feta is a brined curd which is also called a white cheese. Feta paired perfectly with the roasted Pumpkin. The sweetness of the pumpkin was balanced delicately with salty, tangy Feta cheese. Seasoned to perfection, this soup a must-have winter treat.

HONEY GLAZED COTTAGE CHEESE: There is so much you can do with cottage cheese. Grilling homemade cottage cheese is one of the tempting ways to cook it. Rubbed with simple spices, cottage cheese was nothing earthly, but divine. Glazed with honey and with a beautiful char all over the cottage cheese, this dish was a hit. Paired with a wilted spinach and corn ragout, the flavours blended perfectly. Together this dish was appetising.

GRILLED VEGETARIAN PLATTER: You can’t eat healthier than a grilled vegetable platter! This platter was the most colourful one we had. Hearty slices of yellow, green and red pepper with the perfect charred texture, grilled fresh broccoli, zucchini (yellow & green) and green beans were the feast to eyes. Grilled to give out the audible crunch, this platter was paired with Garlic Aioli and Sweet Chilly dip. The aroma of garlic mingled with the sizzle of the veggies gave a zesty balance with the sweet chilly dip. The fiery chilly smoothened with honeyed sweetness completes the platter. Garlic aioli adds a new level of flavour to it.

MEAT PLATTER: When the platter arrived, the aroma of a variety of meats along with spices hit our olfactory. A perfectly cooked chicken wing, succulent lamb chop, chicken sausage, and bacon were adorning the plate. These meets were cooked to perfection. Moist on the inside seasoned perfectly and not to forget the vinous chary taste. The lamb chop was coated with a generous coating of barbecue sauce and it binded well without a slip from the bone – this showed the experienced hands of the Chefs. The meats were quite rich and unctuous.

SEAFOOD PLATTER: We all know that seafood is a delicacy and it definitely gives a luxurious feel. It was all there: squid, lobster, fish, and prawns and the marinade had it through till the last. The squid was cleaned, peeled and cooked to perfection and not forget the crunch. The sweet flesh of the lobster, prawn, and fish was well harmonised by the presence of lime juice. These seafood are locally sourced and you can taste the freshness and the beach vibes too.

THE SHOW STOPPER: It was Mexican all the way, Zucchini, Peppers and Black bean Quesadillas with corn ragout. The Mexican dish stood out among the lot, though I am bit biased because of the vegetarian hook. Do have it one for the road.


Experience at Trident was definitely one of a kind. The poolside seating with grill and a lot of options to chill will make your evening one of the best. With the mild breeze and rustling of coconut leaves along with the pristine pool, makes the grilled dishes taste more divine. It is a must have experience. Voila – Some grill and a lot of Chill

Inputs: Apurba and Photos Tveshaj

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