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10/01/2020 at 3:16 PM

There are millions of microbes, which are present in the human gut – we may refer them as gut microbiome. These bacterial cells are the main controller of our health and any imbalance in these bacterial cells which can lead to wide of variety of diseases. A healthy microbiome in the gut prevents the first source of disease – inflammation.

In Odisha the traditional diet always consisted a small helping of fermented and probiotic accompaniment, which helped for enhancing the flavour, but also helped, for a healthy gut microbiome. These are:

Water rice locally called as pakahla, which is an Odiya term. This is a partially fermented homemade non-alcoholic rice product.

Odisha has a tradition of relishing a variety of cakes, locally called as pitha, specially prepared during various festivals and rituals. Some of these foods are produced from the fermentation of cereal (rice) and rice-legume batters, which are shaped and optionally filled with sweet or savoury ingredients.

Fermented fish products are important dietary components in the protein deficient costal belt of Odisha, districts. Marine fish preservation is universally done either by adding salt or not adding salt.

Milk based fermented products such as curd and cheese and baked sweet cheese. Cheese and curd are common fermented milk products prepared and consumed at household levels.

At present in Odisha the diet has become more fusion & junk and these traditional food are fading away. Need to revive it for a healthy lifestyle.

Lets check what are the other factors, which helps in making a healthy gut microbiome in the human gut system:

Fruits and vegetables: By having different variety of fruits and vegetables helps in feeding the health promoting bacteria. It is only here the carbohydrates are broken down by the gut bacteria and are used immediately – thus forms a good gut microbiome, helping us with a healthy body.

Resistant starch: all refined and processed foods are broken down very easily and these are not good for gut microbiome. Resistant starches are good for supporting the gut bacteria, which are responsible for healthy functions. Best examples are legumes, whole grains – oats & barley, lentils. Green bananas. The best way is to mix and match then see, which goes best with your gut microbiome. Physical exercise: physical exercise is not only good for heart but also for the gut microbiome. Physical activities helps the gut bacteria lactate fluid which help

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