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Famous Podhuan Jatra to Shreemandir re-launched at Niali Madhab

19/11/2019 at 9:56 AM

Bhubaneswar: Podhuan Jatra, a very old religious tradition linked to Shree Jagannath Temple, Puri, which remained closed for many years, was re-launched at the Niali Madhab Temple in Cuttack district on Tuesday.  

According to reports, the Niali Madhab, the maternal uncle’s house of Lord Jagannath, used to make Lord Jagannath Podhuan on the Astami Tithi of holy Margasira month. Podhuan  is a ritual done in Odia families in which the eldest child wears new dresses and pays obeisance to the family deity. A special cake called “Enduri” is prepared and offered to the deity. And the maternal uncle gives new dress to the eldest Bhanja (nephew) or Bhanji (niece).

As such, the Centuries old Niali Madhab Temple, being the uncles’ house of Lord Jagannath, used to send new dress and sweets to Lord Jagannath.

Nearly a thousand of devotees, including servitors of the Madhab Temple, started moving in a procession with baskets of sweets and new clothes to the Shreemandir, which is about 50 km away from the temple.  

Blowing of conches, beating of drums and cymbals and recital of Haribol Hulhuli keep creating a devotional ambience on the road through which the procession passes.

The procession would reach Puri by Wednesday early morning. Tomorrow is the Prathamashtami. 

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