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Every Visit gives us a New Experience!!!

1/10/2018 at 1:09 PM

Spicy, Asian street food is always everyone’s weakness. While strolling at Esplanade One in Bhubaneswar, our hunger fangs surfaced. Our eyes landed on Asia Seven– the delicious Asian street food joint. It was a heavenly culinary experience.
Burnt Chilli Fish
Basa, coming from the catfish family, it is a white flaky fleshed fish which is the main ingredient of this one-pot meal. Marinated with spices, basa is fried after dipping in a batter giving it protective coat and locking in all the delicious fish flavours. Then fish is cooked in mouth-watering burnt chilli and garlic sauce. To top it off, it was served with soft noodles garnished with red and green bell peppers. This is dish is an amazingly balanced dish with the soft, succulent fish and crunchy bell pepper packed noodles.
Veg Spring Rolls
If you can hear the crunch when you bite a spring roll, you know it’s an amazing spring roll. Asia Seven serves one of the crunchiest spring rolls. With the crispy batter coating and perfectly cooked stuffing, this was one of the most delicious spring rolls in the city.
Khow Suey Veg
Words cannot describe this amazing dish. Khow Suey (pronounced as Kho Sui) is a complete package. This is a one-pot meal filled with nutty goodness and taste. Made with a base of coconut milk and spices, this Burmese dish has vibrant flavours stored for the eater. Featuring layers of vegetables such as mushroom, baby corn etc with noodles to add much needed crunch, Khow Suey has a really unforgettable taste. Garnished with coriander and toasted peanuts, this was definitely an unforgettable experience.

For us, man of the culinary match was the Khow Suey Veg. If you are esplanade, then a visit to Asia Seven is must detour.

With inputs from: Apurba and photo by Tveshaj

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