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Drought, Disease & Deluge! Odisha Remained An Accomplished Survivor

4/12/2021 at 11:58 AM

By D N Singh

Odisha in the last two decades has a proven record of braving numerous odds posed by the fury of nature. Earlier it was the drought accompanied by resultant poverty, and then deluge triggered by oceanic invasions, records have it that the state apparatus learning from the past has been able to tide over the last many calamities more or less successfully. Then the invisible enemy Covid has come as one of the most dangerous threat and yet the state made it an enviable feat at braving the challenges better than many other states in the country. 

Now, barely after 24 hours from the time of scripting this article, one more of the serial invasions from the Bay of Bengal is likely to hit parts of the coastal regions including affecting Odisha.

It is not something that could be exactly predicted the course of the storm but, apprehending the possible the government has shown noticeable advance preparedness to face the chother challenge, in case, it turns to become another onslaught like previous ones.

After the Super Cyclone that devastated major parts of the state like never before, the government has learnt many lessons and keeps its eras to the ground with meticulous sincerity. 

Lessons From Past Taught 

After the Phailin, which took the Ganjam district into its grip was enough for the administration to be on guard before every such intrusion from the sea. Later Foni cyclone came next as another major clobbering threat that was twarted by Odisha with an examlepry courage and the result even raised eyebrows nationally and praises from the Prime Minister of India, Naarendra Modi to pat on the back of the chief minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik. 

In subsequent times also many such incursions came Odisha’s way but it were all met with fitting vigilance to save lives and properties where the eyes of the storms there.

Now ‘Jawad’ has yet again posed a new challenge. With another 12 to 16 hours to go when the cyclone is likely to hit parts of Odisha and Puri possibly in particular,appeals apart, the administration has  demonstrated enough preemptive measures to be followed to keep people in safety. 

Advance Measures

Shelter Homes readied with essential steps at shifting the people to Cyclone shelter with adequate food and other commodities are in place. The agencies in charge of rescue operations required, in the case of any bigger threats, have been deployed at the vulnerable areas including Berhampur, Gopalpur and d Puri etc. Teams of NDRF and ODRAF have been deployed.

As Odisha remains a constant target of natural calamities, it is not about political parties in power, but the involvement and the thrust of its leadership has been playing out in the last over two decades to defeat the threats in various forms.
Even in the case of the Covid-19 it was the fear of an imploding fear that caught the entire nation and the world, frankly it can be said that, Naveen Patnaik did play a pioneer role in the first wave phase to invite applauds from many sections of the society here and outside. 

So, the formulaic notions about administrative errors at such times have been countered by the present administration by timely taking of the gears.  

About the Author:

DN Singh is a Bhubaneswar-based senior journalist.


This is the personal opinion of the author. The views expressed in this write up have nothing to do with the www.prameyanews.com

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