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Cut down these food from your diet for your weight loss journey

30/06/2022 at 7:54 AM

Your body frequently gives you hints about what you need to eat and, more importantly, what not to eat. You can improve your health and weight loss goals by utilizing some easy tips.

Before you begin, it’s essential that you know that no one loses weight in the same way. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach that will work the same for everyone. Two people of the same weight and height will lose weight at a different rate, even if they eat the exact same foods and participate in the same activities.

So here the five foods that are need to cut out from your diet for your weight loss journey:


Cereals are a good source of fibre, calcium and protein but if you are not reading the label carefully, your cereal may actually be causing you to gain weight. One serving of cereal should contain at least 3-5 grams of fibre. Avoid buying cereals that contain honey, chocolate, refined sugar.

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are loaded with sugar and caffeine and easily contain 100-120 calories per can. Most people, on an average drink 3-4 cans per day because it gives them quick rush of energy and big crash afterwards when blood sugar goes low, they feel totally run down and exhausted and want more sugar  so they have to drink an another one in order to keep going which leads to fat storage.

Processed Foods

Processed Foods are high in sugar content. Refined carbohydrates like breakfast cereals, bagels, waffles, pretzels, and most other processed foods quickly break down to sugar in your body. This increases your insulin levels and contributes to insulin resistance, which is the primary underlying factor of nearly every chronic disease and condition known to man, including weight gain.

Refined Sugar

Sugar digests almost instantly and goes directly into your bloodstream. Insulin makes your body to convert the sugar into fat. The body’s fat burning process is shut down so that the sugar that has just been ingested can be immediately used for energy. The excess sugars are then converted to fat.

Whole Wheat Bread

Unless it’s made from actual whole grains, it’s just as processed as white bread. Often, the whole wheat has been ground into a fine flour that’s easy to digest and spikes your blood sugar just as quickly as white bread. Look for 100% whole wheat, whole grain or instead.

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