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31/05/2019 at 2:11 PM

Curry is an integral part of an Indian meal. Irrespective of the state you’re in, curry makes a place in our meals. Currynation aims to bring curry especially regional curries into our daily meals. Their focus is only on curries and gravies rather than on other dishes. For Mr Biswal the founder for him: curry was an emotion, as it comprises the soul of Indian meal be it Kadhi, or gravy, or dry, or stew/shukto. His main focus for the F&B startup in Odisha was not to be part of the North Indian dishes or curries but to serve the curry from all the corners of India.

Mr Biswal mentioned that F&B industry portrays the curries to be from North India only. It is either butter chicken or kofta curry. India been a vast country there are other options too. Curries can be from Odisha or Kolkata or Goa or any other state. In a tee-a-tee with Mr. Biswal we did have an animated discussion on various aspects of F&B and specially his foray into the curries of India. The excerpts of the discussion

Q – When we talk about Shukto, it is a starter not a curry. How does it fit into the idea of Currynation?

  • Traditionally, Shukto was a curry with thick gravy. The modern day variations and versions have implicated that Shukto is a starter. Curries change as per the people’s taste and their preferences.
  • Q – When we visit a multi-cuisine restaurant, you rightly pointed out that we generally see a lot of North Indian curries on the menu. How is Currynation trying to coerce this mindset?
  • If you look into our menu, we have Laal Maans from Rajasthan, Chicken Vindaloo and Mutton Vindaloo from Goan coast, Chicken Chettinad etc. These curries are from various parts of the country. Yes, generally Vindaloo is made from beef or pork, but we can’t serve it here. We have tweaked the recipe to chicken or mutton, we don’t tamper with the recipe at all.
  • Q – When you mentioned Laal Maans, Vindaloo or Chettinaad, how do you categorize your chillies?
  • In terms of chilies, we use 7-8 different variants provided by different vendors. For Laal Maans, we use mathenia mirchi, which is procured from a vendor in Jaipur. For Rogan Josh, we use Kashmiri chillies. And we use local chilies for local recipes. For fish Mouli, we use pepper from Kochi. Our procurement process is quite detailed.
  • Q – Does your procurement of ingredient dilute the process?
  • No, we procure our ingredients from authentic vendors at different locations. Thus, we can promise the integrity of our dishes. We use toddy vinegar for Chicken Vindaloo. We get it from a lady making it in terracotta pots using coconuts.
  • Q – Did you get any complaints from customers regarding the smell or change in taste of certain dishes from customers?
  • We know we can’t satisfy every customer. Some people do not prefer Laal Maans because it doesn’t have ginger, garlic paste as its main ingredients.

The average ticket size is INR 450-500 at Currynation. Currynation also facilitates bulk ordering and major takers been XIMB, Reliance and Big Bazar. Currynation has a loyal customer base in Bhubaneswar. Apart from the regional and quirky curries, they also accept custom requests. Home-style food and every thing made from scratch, gives a unique holding in the packed food industry.

They introduced the one box meal concept. This box consists of meal for one person in sufficient quantities. Currynation provides you with an option for selecting different portion sizes like single (for one), mingle (for two) and family!

Curry Nation changes the way you experience home-delivered food! Their chefs are as passionate about cooking as we are about food. And given that using the finest and freshest of ingredients without any artificial additives is a matter of habit with them, they can bring you the best of Best cuisine in the healthiest way possible.

It is known that we eat to satisfy our hunger. But what about the hunger of our taste buds? Currynation thinks about your palates too. It is with this belief and understanding that Currynation offers you a range of beautiful and delicious custom-made and comfort food. They exist not just to provide you a tasty and hygienic meal, but to indulge you with rich flavors brought together by Blend Of Perfect Spices & Flavours.

Each of the Food is served in a plant-based biodegradable or recycled paper or Food Grade Plastic Container Along With Cutlery & Condiments. Along with their delicious food, they serve the food in quite unique packaging, which will make you order and eat more from Currynation.


Inputs by Apurba and photographs by- Tveshaj & Neelakantha

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