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Crack in the Nata mandap: Laser scan of Puri Srimandir soon?

5/06/2021 at 5:16 PM

Puri, June 5: Crack in the Natyamandap of Puri Srimandir has been concern for the Sri Jagannath Temple authority.

Acting on it , a team of specialist studied it from the spot and prescribed immediate remedy for it on Friday.

However, the supervising engineers said that a laser scan is essential to figure out the inner fractures in the structure.

Sources said, a deep crack has been spotted at the roof of the Bhoga corridor near the Muduli dwara. A large piece of the lime wash has been dismantled from the roof. Similar cracks have been found by the Garada Nata mandap from which a piece of the ceiling has been scaled off bringing concern for the sustainability of the structure.

Notably, the roof near the Garuda  Stambha was cracked three years ago that was mended up emergently. However, no permanent solution was undertaken to guard the ancient structure. At the same time Archeological Survey of India had took assistance of IIT Chenai to study the inner strength and the effect of cracks in the temple. Especially, a smart crack device was set along the scratch marks to study the degree of inner fractures.

However, no follow up has been expedited so far to assess the gaps and their consequences . At the same time, more cracks in the temple walls and roofs have caused alarm for the devotees and the servitors.

On the other hand, the Expert Committee, Temple Core Committee and the Technical Committee are in favour of conducting a complete laser scan of the base Biman Mandap (Mula Pitha  Bimana) in order to have a crisis management around the temple.

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