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Covid third wave may peak between February 1-15: IIT Madras

9/01/2022 at 3:40 PM

New Delhi, Jan 9: The peak in the Covid-19 third wave is expected between February 1-15, said the Indian Institute Of Technology (IIT), Madras.

India’s R-naught (R0) value was recorded at 4 this week. R-naught or R0 indicates the number of people an infected person can spread the disease to.

Based on preliminary analysis of IIT Madras, the R0 value was recorded 2.9 in the past week (December 25 to December 31). The number was recorded at 4 this week (January 1-6).

“Now, with the increase in quarantine measures or restrictions, maybe the contact rate will go down and then, in that case, R0 can decrease. So, based on our preliminary analysis, which is just based on the last two weeks, we can tell these numbers, but again, these numbers can change based on how much affirmative action is taken with respect to social gathering and all,” said Dr Jayant Jha, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, IIT Madras.

Jha further said that as per the estimate, the peak in the Covid third wave is expected between February 1-15 and it is expected to be sharper than earlier peaks.

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