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Covid-19: Here’s the diet plan during home isolation

18/05/2021 at 7:53 AM

Home isolation is important to combat Coronavirus. A nagging question is always what type of diet plan to maintain since physical activity is limited. Along with prescribed medicines, it is necessary to maintain healthy food habits as well.

Dietitian and diabetic educator Niharika Dash has shared a the diet plan during home isolation.

It is also important to eat less but at regular intervals. Consider eating 6 times a day at 2–3-hour intervals instead of thrice a day. 

First, it is important to have a full breakfast consisting of oats, ragi, chapati, boiled vegetables, curd, idly.

Second, if you are experiencing mild symptoms such as cold and cough, take honey with ginger.

Third, consume a higher proportion of cereals, milk and milk products, and stay hydrated by increasing water intake alongside other options such as lemon water, coconut water, dahi sherbet.

If you are experiencing symptoms such as high fever, take soft rice, khichdi and bread. It is important to consume more proteins during fever. You should also consider consuming fruits with thicker skin.

For non-veg, consume fish, chicken, eggs (egg white only). Avoid oily foods alongside sugary foods, processed and packaged foods. Avoid eating outside foods as much as possible.

Last, but not least, it is important to have some physical activity even during isolation, thus, some light exercises can go a long way.

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