Comedian Raju Srivastav suffers heart attack, gets hospitalized

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Last Updated Prameya News Bureau - August 10, 2022

Mumbai, Aug 10:  Famous comedian Raju Srivastav has been admitted to AIIMS Hospital in Delhi after his health suddenly deteriorated. During a workout in a gym in Delhi, Raju fell unconscious, and according to his medical report, he had suffered from a heart attack. Reportedly, Raju Srivastav was using the treadmill when he felt shooting pain in his chest and he fell down mid-work-out. According to a report, Raju’s PRO Ajit Saxena said he was in Delhi for a political meeting. He further added that he is doing well now and his pulse has returned to normal. The news has left fans worried about their favorite comedian and many took to social media to post positive messages for him.

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