Bus fares hiked in Odisha amid rising fuel prices

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Published By : Prameya News Bureau | July 01, 2021 IST

Bhubaneswar, July 1: Odisha Government today hiked the fares for all categories of buses under the automatic fare adjustment mechanism. As per the notification by the State Transport Authority (STA), the fares of ordinary and express buses have been increased by four paise per km. Similarly, fares have been increased by eight paise per km for the deluxe buses and AC deluxe buses while fares of super premium buses have increased by 12 paise per km. The fare for the ordinary bus will now be 89p per km as against 85 per km and the fare for express bus will be 93perkm instead of 89 per km. Besides, deluxe category buses will now charge Rs 1.29 as against Rs 1.21 per km while passengers travelling in AC deluxe buses will have to pay Rs 1.57 per km as against the earlier Rs 1.49 per km, the notification added. The fare of super premium buses has been revised to Rs 2.44 per km from Rs 2.32 per km.

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