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Boar rushes back to the master crossing miles of forest in Odisha

18/03/2021 at 2:50 PM

Telkoi, Mar 18: A wild boar of Telkoi forest rushed back to its keeper, crossing miles of forest.

The incident was seen in Purusottampur village near Bimala forest section under Telkoi range when a wild boar returned to a woman named Kuntala Penthei, who had domesticated it for eight months.

Family of Kuntala Penthei resides in Purusottampur, a village close to Telkoi forest.

About eight months ago Kuntala found a baby boar from the nearby forest. It had missed its way and wandered without food and water. Kuntala picked it up and took home. She fed and nourished the wild baby animal with care. She named it Dhud. Gradually, Dhud grew healthy and bigger.

Meanwhile,the forest official seized Dhud from Kuntala’s home claiming it illegal. They took Dhud away and released it in Samakoi forest which was around 30 kilometres away from Purusottampur.

However, eight days later, the boar was seen grunting aloud near Kuntala’s home once again. It had crossed miles of forests to reach its master.

As of now, Kuntala has once again tamed Dhud dressing its wounded hoofs.

Telkoi forest Range Officer Pramod Kumar Sethi however said lawful action will be taken as per the direction of the Divisional Forest Officer(DFO).

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