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19/04/2019 at 2:16 PM

It’s always INOX when we think of movies, hanging and chilling with friends. A visit to INOX is always an experience.

INOX made its debut in Odisha on January 2013. They started with a single multiplex with 2k digital projection systems back then. Now, they have a state-of-the-art 4K Digital Projection System with Dolby Atmos sound. INOX has and is playing a vital role in revolutionizing the cinema viewing experience in the state – a foodtainment hub. At present INOX has 4 multiplexes in Odisha and one of them being DN Regalia, Bhubaneswar.

INOX is not just about the cinema. It’s the total experience that comes along, especially food. Everyone likes some popcorn and a big glass of Cola while watching our treasured stars? For anyone, a big bucket of cheese and tomato popcorn & cola defines a movie watching experience and the bar is raised. When we visited INOX DN Regalia, the choices available to us got us on our feet. Now we don’t rush to the food court during intermission to eat something. Now the gastronomic urge can be done while watching the movie!

The Team

With options like Nachos, French Fries, a variety of popcorns which were staple at INOX, are now palate fun filled delicious Chinese options, Gelatos, Decadent desserts, Waffles, Chaats and many more! We went one by one on the go!

The first thing we had was the much loved Veg Hakka Noodles. The noodles had the wee al Dante and the vegetables were blanched and done to perfection. Then, we had a try on the traditional must-have movie food- Popcorn & Cola. The cheese flavour and the puffed corn refreshed all the amazing movie experiences we had till date.

We have it all!!!

When we asked about what people request for, we were surprised (read delighted) by the choices. People loved digging into waffles. Turns out Death by Chocolate (milk) are a people’s favourite. A chocolate waffle overdosed (literally) with chocolate! A dose of dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate added a punch to the crunchy, chocolate-y waffle. It was truly the chocolate-y death of us!

We tried all time favourites. As it turns out, chaat is a craving for movie lovers-The Papdi chaat ruling the roost which are loaded with curd, chutney and Kabuli Chana (garbanzo beans) and sev! Also, the masala fries and French fries increased our urge to watch a movie while divulging into such delicious options.

INOX’s food court is all green. Non-vegetarian food are not served in the food court of INOX. INOX not only serves the movie staples (popcorn & cola) but also has options for Continental, Chinese, Indian, Cold Desserts and quick bites quick as Sandwiches & Samosas as well. Now, it’s not just about the movie at INOX, but the entire viewing, listening and eating experience that comes along with it.

Another interesting thing we saw is the Fast Bite. This LED touch screen lets you order your food during the intermission or at the beginning of the show or anytime when you want to skip the queue. Order, swipe, pay, collect, enjoy! No more waiting for delicious food and no more risk of skipping some part of the movie. Another option provided by INOX is ordering in their app while booking the tickets.

If you ask us what is a must try next time you are watching a movie at INOX, we would suggest the Cheese popcorn, Cola and Papdi chaat without a doubt. As we said, at INOX, it’s not just about the movie, but the entire experience you get along with it.

Inputs by Apurba and Photographs by Tveshaj & Neelakantha.

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