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An Accomplished Survivor Who Uses The Mirror At The Start Of A Day

25/02/2021 at 9:04 PM

By D N Singh

‘Nothing succeeds like success’ is an adage that is somewhere corresponding to politics and administration. And it appears more appealing if one carries on with his head on-the-shoulders to perform. Else the battle is lost before it is fought.

It has been over a decade that a man has proved to be an accomplished survivor without even a single duck till date. No matter what his critics have to say or said, but the man has  never shown the traits of living things mid way under pressure.

This is about the 5T secretary V K Pandian who has been there with the chief minister as one of his closest aides for over a decade weathering multipronged tirades from Naveen Patnaik’s  detractors, even people within.

It is alleged that, he presides over the binary that divides  politics and executive functions and enjoys the edge over the rest by virtue of his proximity to the chief minister.

If the results are anything to go by, then he has been there spot on, doing his job with the way he is asked to.

A Quiet Sailor

In those years, there has been en number of turbulences both administratively and politically but his stance, as what he is, was an unwavering one. What creates the foundation of parity between the CM and him,   is simple and very discernible. The composure, the common instinct which ministers the goal i.e governance.

There are always few presumptive notions being aired that, he only  does and the rest follow. Which is politically seems very incorrect to say that, the chief minister who has by now weathered through two decades of political ups and downs, can be a simple onlooker. The answer should be a capital NO.

Undeniably Patnaik, an erudite man, who has shown the ability of solitary exercise of power and at the same time choses to act with a consensus, can be so malleable to remain a mute onlooker. It smells of a design to disparage his inherent intellect and ability. 

Reticence Misread

During many of his interactions with scribes, one to one, Patnaik has demonstrated his political and administrative grip over issues through his one-liner answers even. Reticence should not be misread as ignorance of any one.

So far the execution of schemes are concerned, if Pandian has been able to doggedly oversee their implementation, that should not be any heart burning till the time it works and the benefits  reach out to the people.

As the 5T secretary he shows his tenacity and moved  from place to place to see what happens at the bottom, there is no cause for any covetousness. If, unlike many in the system, he prefers reality checks at ground zero and deals with the functionaries with what they deserve, there is little to grudge.

Level Playing

A rumours galore that Pandian has a say in political matters as and when required. Even if he does, lets believe for a while , yet if such decisions payback, then there is nothing out of the blue nor an act perjury. Rest, lot of concoctions are cooked to make it more peppery.

No chief minister can work without advice or feedback and tailor the models of political or executive road maps alone. It is everywhere.

And the results are there out on the ground. So, we cannot grudge a man his pride of delivery and there is no person on earth who does not commit a wrong.      

About the Author:

DN Singh is a Bhubaneswar-based senior journalist.


This is the personal opinion of the author. The views expressed in this write up have nothing to do with the www.prameyanews.com

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