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Afghan Women unite against ‘Hijab Diktat’: Roll out #DoNotTouchMyClothes campaign

14/09/2021 at 7:59 PM

New Delhi, Sep 14: The Afghan Women Community have been united against the ‘Hijab Dictat’ mandate of Talibans.

They have rolled out a worldwide campaign under the banner of #DoNotTouchMyClothes on social media to build up support against the Taliban’s tyranny.

The new Taliban government is imposing a mandatory dress code for women in educational institutes has prompted Afghanistan women across the world to protest against the mandate by sharing photos in traditional attires.

Though women can continue to study in universities, including at post-graduate levels, classrooms will be a gender-segregated and compulsory veil or Burqa is mandatory, according to the higher education minister in the new Taliban government.

Students of the Women Universities will face restrictions under the Taliban, including a compulsory dress code. Even as the order didn’t specify wearing the all-enveloping burqa, the niqab will effectively cover most of the face leaving just the eyes exposed.

In retaliation to the Taliban diktat, Afghan women have shared photos on social media wearing colorful and typical Afghani dresses.

This sparked worldwide protest from Afghan women who started an online campaign to protest against the Taliban’s dress code.

Later, hundreds of women posted their photos on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter with other social media platforms in traditional attires using hashtags DoNotTouchMyClothes, AfghanistanCultureand  AfghanWomen to gain momentum to their protest.

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