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Abandoned Satabhaya: Hundreds of milch cows but nobody to consume milk

25/08/2021 at 9:26 PM

Rajnagar, Aug 25: It’s a struggle between man and sea in Satabhaya. Gradually, the village hit by sea erosion becoming a deserted place.

 The district administration had rehabilitated as many as 571 villages in Bagapatia, located around 12 km from the sea.

Though there are many households still living in the village in constant fear of the marching sea., domestic animals are being abandoned daily.

 The village has hundreds of milch cows but the number of persons to consume the milk is very few.

 The cows are also worst suffers.  There is vast grassland for the domestic animals to graze and till now, the cows have no problem with the grass they are eating. But the grassland is shrinking and also getting destroyed due to salinity.

“I am afraid grassland may soon be unfit for consumption of cows. At that time, I will have to think of some alternative livelihood,” said a local.

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